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Ride a Day in my Wheels

Ride a Day in My Wheels is a challenge day for riders to fulfil a list of physical and mental tasks. The event was created in order to raise awareness and to help everyone look at life from a different perspective.


Invented by Studio ARTES member Oliver House, the event brings together Studio ARTES, local groups, disability service providers and residents in the community to experience the challenges that people with disability overcome every day to live an amazing life.


Are you up for the Challenge?

Sign up as an individual rider or join a team

  • How long would it take you to go 100m in a wheelchair?
  • Can you negotiate obstacles our our sports obstacle course? 
  • Can you find enough change in your wallet for a cup of coffee while blindfolded? 
  • Take an order when you can't hear?
  • Can you paint a picture without using your hands?

Sign-up as a rider in 2018 and join in on the challenge!

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